Migliorare la ricezione della chiavetta internet

Internet Boost Universal Antenna for Internet Dongle

Home-Made & Low Cost

Do you want to use a fast mobile data network but your area doesn't have enough coverage for a good connection?

Did you buy an internet dongle but the signal comes and goes and the quality of connection is poor or absent?

There is a simple solution
to this problem!

The project that I'm about to show you is designed to solve the problems of signal reception (GPRS, UMTS or HSDPA) by internet dongle, and is especially useful in those areas where the level of this signal is low and hardly admissible.

The accomplishment of this project can be carried out independently by anyone, as it's extremely simple. All necessary materials, infact, can be purchased online, also used, on eBay.com or other similar e-commerce platforms.

Required Materials

Both the USB cable and the little dish were purchased on eBay for less than 10 € each. If you do not have a tripod at home is fine any other support that can keep the satellite dish, which has a weight of 1.5 kilograms.


  1. Fix the dish to the tripod / support
  2. Secure with Scotch tape the Internet dongle at the point of focus of the satellite dish
    Note: The back of the internet dongle (here there is the small antenna of the dongle) must be look your satellite dish, and the usb port of the dongle must look out.
  3. Connect the USB dongle to the computer using the appropriate USB 3.0 cable.
  4. Place the dish in the most suitable place inside the house, perhaps near a window (found the ideal position, the signal will come anyway even if the window is closed).

Once mounted you need to find the direction in which you have to aim your dish in order to get the best signal and the faster connection. To do this I recommend you to use the website www.speedtest.net.

Specs & Tests

Operative BandUMTS 2100 MHz
PowerDirect near field coupling
Gain~ 25 dBi
Diameter Sat. dish40cm
USB Dongle Speed (Virtual)7,2 Mb/s (down)
5,76 Mb/s (up)
USB Dongle Speed (w/o Sat. dish)0,10 Mb/s (down)
0,05 Mb/s (up)
USB Dongle Speed (Max. w/ Sat. dish)6,97 Mb/s (down)
1,88 Mb/s (up)

speed test 1 speed test 2

Final Thoughts

This project has a cost of only about 20 € and provides significant gain in decibels.

Based on my personal experience I can tell you that I've switched from a GSM (2G) to a HSPA connection (3G) ONLY THROUGH THIS TECHNIQUE!

PS: If you have any questions or hint, just leave a message below. Bye!

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Project by: Ronald Perera
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